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 Sniper Software

This is the Sniper Toolbar. 

You will see this on your handheld unit.  

The DAN icon shows your Sniper status; Red- not communicating, White- port ready but not yet communicating and Green- The DAN is ready to record your data! 

The first Icon, Configuration, allows you to configure your custom set up for the day or current job.

The second Icon, Reports and Analysis, is where you go to see your report data.

And the third Icon, Toolset, is where you will describe your particular hardware setup. 

The User's Manual (PDF) is colorful, comprehensive and easy to use!  An electronic copy comes with the purchase of your SniperTM for you to view in the field or to print out for easy reference.

In no time, you can be

"Knockin' 'em Dead...
and Knowin' It!"

Basic Sniper includes:

  • Sniper Software License,
  • Sniper DAN (Data Acquisition Node)
  • On Site Installation and Training if desired
  • On-Line Training Support

    Costs very little, saves you a lot!



Precision Application

It's All About
Data Collection!

The Data Collection Process

Sniper - PARR
Precision Application Recording/Reporting
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P.O. Box 5537
Boise, ID 83705-0537